This page is intended as an outline for any new Trade or Collaboration interests. As with any commercial contract any aspect is of course up to negotiation or adjustment for any given project so don’t hesitate to ask questions and raise your needs or concerns. I can most likely accommodate and might even like your idea or phrasing so much to update this.

Trade vs. Collaboration

Most of the "trade" work I do is actually Coloaboration. We both bring ideas, creativity, energy and resources to make the shoot happen and we both get something for our portfolios or social media. Tell me what you want and lets make it happen, it doesn't have to be a big idea, small and simple make for great first time working together or "Test" shoots. We're never limited to a single idea or session so lets get started with the first.

Occassionally I do have need for a more basic trade, I need someone to test equipment or concepts before final planning can be done. Since this rarely creates a finsihed image to give back to a model I offer other services (other shoots) either at the same time or scheduled seperately.


I completely support the security concerns that bring up the desire to bring an escort on any shoot. Under most circumstance you're more than welcome to bring someone, and most are great but unfortunately some escorts can raise problems so lets talk about the points below beforehand to avoid issues during the shoot.


  • Arranging travel - If we're going on location adding another person to the car might be a tight fit with wardrobe and gear, a second car might be an issue with fees, parking or other access restrictions
  • Ameneties - Food, water, entry fees, etc was not budgeted or stocked for them.
  • Have you ever tried to heard cats?

They're on set

  • They need to expect to be put to work, not so much fun work, getting you water, carrying equipment, holding a light or reflector in position. This might even include walking through brush or even getting in the water.
  • If they can't or won't help out, they need to stay out of the way, entertain themselves without distracting anyone trying to work.
  • If they react, you react, that frame is ruined, the mood shifts, quality drops and the trade loses value fast.

Significant others

  • Absolutley the worst possible choice. This goes both ways, regardless of sex or orientation.
  • when you bring them, you bring everything, good, bad, jealousy, trust issues, spilled milk, etc... and it shows in the photos.
  • Of course every person and relationship is unique and I can't list every experience or situation here so lets discuss on the phone.


Deliverables can vary a lot by project but as a general rule any finsihed images will be provided as watermarked digital files ready for social media to all trade participants for personal use only. Please don't hesitate to ask if you need or want adjustmenst made in selection or editing and please don't make your own edits including cropping, I am usually happy to do this for you from the original files to better represent both our work.

If you want prints or have specific need for larger files I am happy to discuss options beforehand or as your needs arise. Print prices will vary based on preperation needs and medium & quantity.

If any participant has their own or is approached by a third party in regards to Commercial Use (including contests & personal suscription sites), terms must be agreed by photographer (copyright owner) and depicted persons prior to licensing.


I hate the idea that I’m having to add this section but Hopefully it brings some things to mind before work begins without anyone feeling that they are being singled out.

  • I’m not psychic, if you don’t tell me, I don’t know. Before, during, or after the shoot, if you need or want something, more, different, excluded, explained, etc. Speak up and I will do whatever i can to make it perfect.

  • Use a calendar, people have set aside a specific time for you, they are losing other opportunity on that time, respect them and your commitments by showing up and providing ample notice to reschedules. Life happens and emergencies arise but everyone should be treated like your dentist or psychiatrist, we lost that time, we lost prep-time & resources already invested, we want to work with you but also have to protect ourselves and our businesses.

  • Social Media is probably where we found each other and where we will find future collaborations and clients; the best way we can all do that is to ensure everyone involved is shown in a positive light & appropriately tagged (unless they’ve requested otherwise) on every post. Mutual exposure is a big part of Trade/Collaboration so if you don’t want to be on both sides of it then all you’re looking for is “Free”.