Prints can get expensive, many photographers that specialize in Consumer Photography make their money off their print packages after teh session but that's not my specialty or my business model. I don't want tyou dependant on electricity to see your images or limited by teh screensize of your phone. I want you to get top quality prints that will last so I only work with leading printers that are as proud of their work as I am so while i can't compete with discount store prices I try to be agressive on my print pricing so you can order everything you want and nothing you don't.


Gallery Quality Art

Canvas has become extremely popular for wall portraits.


Your walls, your style.

Many people already have specific frames or styles in mind and unmounted paper prints are ready for them. Multiple paper attributes are available1.

Multiple Prints

Up to 25% Off

Much of the effort in making a print is preparing it for teh first time. For your first order of an image I'll prepare it for the size and medium you order it for, any additional orders of the same size or smaller will recieve a 25% discount2.

Other Mediums & Sizes

Anything you want

Your image can be printed on just about anything you can imagine so I've only listed my most popular print options here.  Please don't hesitate to ask about other mediums and sizes you're interested in and we'll make sure you get exactly what you want.


Ready when you are

I make every effort to securely store images but no technology is without limitations or immune from unforseen complications. I don't plan any permanent deletions of images and hope to be able to provide reprints for any future occassions you have. I guaruntee prints will be available for the first year or I will give you a free reshoot including the requested print free. Images for the first two years from your session are retained as printed and readily available including any current discounts. After that I'm still here to help but technology or other logistics may have an impact I can't predict today.

Volume Prints

Get your image out there!

Models, Actors, and other public figures often need large volumes of prints to serve as introductions; be it 8x10 glossies or Comp-Cards. Please inquire for pricing on these as print quantity can greatly impact pricing.

All prints include a Social Media ready digital copy delivered electronically

Print purchases are considered to take place at my studio location regardless of final delivery address and are subject to Idaho State sales tax.

  1. Most papers included at listed prices but some specialty finishes may be subject to an additional surcharge.
  2. Please note changing mediums may require additional effort and reduce or eliminate the discount amount.