Lighting Essentials

Inspired by: Greg Gormam

I didn't have as much in mind style wise approaching this shoot as I did for some of the previous challenges.  Not for any lacking on Greg Gorman's part but really just a scheduling aspect on mine.  I had a test shoot with a new model scheduled for the same time as my introductory to Gorman webinar was and it wasn't a hard choice on how to spend my Saturday afternoon; I'll take camera in hand over computer time any day every time.  I had done some research and since I was going into a test shoot I had a lot of latitude to work with so I knew I could pick an image from the set after the fact and I think this fits.  I do still plan to explore more of Gorman's studio style when I get the chance and hopefully Emma will participate in that as well.


Inspired by: Mark Seliger

My biggest take away from Mark Seliger was his desire to capture the essence of his subject and the timing for that couldn't have fallen better than my nephew's high school graduation.  What is a Senior portrait if not capturing the essence of who they are at that moment of time as they take their first steps into adult hood.  

Inspired by: Albert Watson

Albert Watson has an amazing talent for capturing his subjects essence and I wanted to try to incorporate a similar framing to many of his portraits.  My original model unfortunately suffered a personal emergency so I was left to make a portrait of the very uncooperative fellow below.  This isn't the shot I set  out to make, my key light is too high and to steep an angle from me ducking and weaving trying to help the camera focus but my chosen lighting just wasn't forgiving enough as i deviated from the original position unable to re-aim the camera from across the studio.  I hope I don't have to practice using my remote release again during this project but at least I didn't use selfie-stick.

Inspired by: Mary Ellen Mark

Mary Ellen Mark is a documentary photographer which brought a much different set of challenges this week.  I ended up processing my favorite shot from the shoot similar to last week's Heisler shot but since Mary Ellen is a 'purist' when it comes to post-production I went with the shot below as my submission.