Studio Photography

Week 26: Pour

My cup overfloweth! Defintely a fun and challenging assignmnet this week! Shot for the cover layout seen here which of course guided my subject matter.


Happy New Year!

The holidays season is always busy for everyone so trust my experience and never try to move on Christmas Eve.  I was actually able to close escrow on the 22nd, movers came the 23rd with everything that spent the last 8 months in storage, appliances came Christmas Eve, I was fortunate to spend Christmas day with family and friends and been unpacking, configuring, and trying to get back to work ever since.  A huge factor in this move has been getting proper full time studio space my clients can come to (if desired) and a very successful trial run today has proven it all worth while.  Here's a sneak peak of just one corner and the entrance to my new office.