Week Two: Vision Statement

Coming up with a vision statement isn’t exactly easy, even if it isn’t for marketing and just something to keep close. The basic premise came quick enough, trimming it down to a short phrase was harder, but deciding on the exact wording, finalizing into what you will keep and live with is my pain point. I envision the image I want to make and then I build it piece by piece. This is my vision statement, my focus for this Project 52 and in everything I do; it’s no marketing tagline but it is my vision. I don’t capture that perfect moment, in real time, like a wedding photographer; I carefully craft the position of everything in my frame, from the products and models, down to every beam of light.

Now of course I should have an image to represent that vision but this week was a whirlwind of other activities and the finite window of my original idea escaped but it helped me realize the bigger picture of my vision. Every image I make, for myself, for every client, no matter the budget or purpose is one of those pieces being added to what I’m building.